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The bonded warehouse/terminal Paljassaare Tolliladu OU PTL is the natural making European transport scheme of trading and transit ways from the West on the East and back, carrying out the activity since 1999.

Strategically convenient place (a uniform customs area with seaport Paljassaare of Tallinn city), presence of a branch line, affinity to automobile lines, and also enterprise experience of the enterprise allow to develop a complex of customs services successfully.

Warehouse complex PTL has 100 000 sq. m. of territory on which there are 12 covered warehouses the general area of 19 000 sq. m., from which 1600 sq. m. are borrowed with a refrigerator with capacity up to 2000 tons (t storages up to -24 C). Warehouse and hangars are supplied with systems of the fire-prevention and security signal system, and also are under round-the-clock protection of the security company. The branch line is equipped with a ramp under a canopy with entrance to an adjoining warehouse that allows work with cargoes under any weather conditions. Presence of heated warehouses allows to store cargoes demanding temperatures of storage above 0 C, there are areas for storage of oversized or loose cargoes.

Advantage and distinctive feature PTL is the geographical arrangement (affinity of border of EU and the Russian Federation), the high organization and granting of the maximal complex of the services which are carried out at a high level, an individual approach to each client.

Paljassaare Tolliladu O 2004